He’s my favorite comedian of all time but he’s guilty of the same thing that caused him to leave “Chappelle Show.”

*This is not a critique, review, or analysis of his latest special. I’m speaking directly about the comments I’ve heard ABOUT the special in the context of Dave’s most recent comedic output*

Dave Chapelle is my favorite comedian of all time. He and Chris Rock were 1a and 1b…then Dave…

The documentary suggests a cover-up in the death of 17-year-old student found wrapped in a school wrestling mat

As a Black man in America, having faith in the police is like closing your eyes and holding out one hand for a pot of gold and another for a pile of shit. Open those palms wide and there’s no question which one will fill up first.

There’s no reason…

It’s how I check in with myself to ensure the promise of friendship hasn’t been broken

I don’t like people.

I don’t like people the way I don’t like most things I can’t predict, understand, control, or completely do away with.

People, by and large, are unpredictable. Hard to understand. Not so easily controllable. …

‘Smoke Break’ is a new section where structure is replaced with free-writing ideas as they come. The name is in honor of a magazine and community responsible for bettering my writing skills, The Smoking Section, aka TSS, aka @WeAreStillCrew. It’s also in service to replace one of my worst habits.

Six things I learned while writing once a week, every week, for six months.

My time as a weekly columnist for Medium’s anti-racism publication, Momentum, has come to an end. From March to August, I posted one article per week on what it’s like to be Black in America.

I’ve tackled how the eviction crisis will devastate Black communities, worried about school choices for…

Let’s Unpack This

Some White folk spend a lot of time monitoring Black cleanliness. Meanwhile, others barely wash up at all.

Over the last few weeks, White celebrities have been making headlines for their hygiene practices. On schedule, social media descended into the cultural “cleanliness wars” as everybody realized “proper” hygiene has a great many definitions. …

Let’s Unpack This

I spoke with Ash Parrish, a former Kotaku employee, about what it’s like to be a Black woman at one of the world’s most popular gaming sites.

Being a Black writer online can be a tough road to travel. It can be doubly true if you’re a Black woman writing in a space where people think you don’t belong. …

Let’s Unpack This

Like all things in America, an eviction crisis will hit Black people the hardest

The impending eviction crisis is set up to become a catastrophic event for Black renters. To be clear, it’s going to be awful for everybody, but the problem will hit Black people the hardest. President Joe Biden came under fire after the original, Covid-inspired eviction moratorium expired on August 7…

I want my future partner and child to arrive safely, so we will be diligent and on guard against medical racism

I have a very unusual relationship with the idea of pregnancy. It’s always been fascinating, in part because I find the idea of carrying a child a terrifying endeavor. At 35, I’ve had a considerable change of heart. I fully believe watching a woman carry my child will be one…

A Florida officer getting 12 years in prison for planting drugs on suspects triggered me and probably you too.

Being pulled over by the police scares me to death. Long before Philando Castille, Sandra Bland, and Walter Scott — all Black people who wound up dying after a traffic stop-— became national news, a cop switching lanes to drive behind me used to make my heart skip a beat…

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